Trion Nemesis RR

There are a small number of supercar manufacturers in the auto industry which produced Artwork on four wheels. My personal favorites are Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti. Every few years, new manufacturers are rising up like Pagani and Koenigsegg who decided to create the next supercar. The new player on the field is the American automaker – Trion. Their goal is to create the most powerful production car in the world – Trion Nemesis. The launch is planned to be in 2017. To stimulate car enthusiasts around the, Trion released a number of spectacular images which show unique design.

As you can see from the images, this is undoubtedly a very special car. The design is characterized by sharp lines, the front end looks really mean and those aggressive headlights serve as a nice jumping point of the Nemesis’ aggressive appearance. But with all due respect to the design, the most impressive part of the car is the engine – amazing 2,000 horsepower !!!


Engine technical details:

Trion Nemesis RR

Trion Nemesis RR

Maximum Power 1,490KW (2,000hp)
Acceleration 0-100KM/H – 2.8 sec
Top Speed – 434 km/h (270 mph)
Engine – 9.0 L Twin Turbo Charged V-8
Transmission – 8 Speed Sequential


Briefly about the company: Trion is a brand-new boutique builder that surfaced in Orange County, California. It is a small venture that has no experience But has big ambitions.



Nemesis production slated to begin in 2016 and will be available in four versions:

Nemesis E – the base model with 1,000 HP engine.

Nemesis ER – a zero-emission supercar with 2 electric motors coupled with a hybrid system. The engine shout be around 1,200 Hp range.

Nemesis GT has 1,400 Hp. 0-to-60 mph sprint of 3.5 seconds and a top speed of 218 mph.

Nemesis RR – The piece de resistance of the Nemesis with amazing 2,000 horsepower engine. The technical data appearing up relate to this model.


Here is the only released video of this future supercar:


The company still not published the price list. Estimates Trion will be charging at least $1 million for the entry-level E model and likely more than $2.5 million for the extreme RR version. The vehicle will be available for sale at the end of 2017.

The Trion Nemesis sounds very promising. This unique design with 2,000-horsepower supercar is big news. Although I’m in Doubt Trion will be able to reach the stated purpose.

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