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The Pagani Zonda is unusual, unique and truly amazing Italian supercar. This 2-door coupe was designed and manufactured by the Horacio Pagani. The Zonda C12 is the first model that has been made by Pagani. This masterpiece was exposed to the public in 1999 at the Geneva Motor Show. C12 is powered by AMG V12 rear mid-engine.PAGANI ZONDA C 12

Engine technical details:

Maximum Power 290KW(389hp) at 5,200 rpm
Acceleration 0-100KM/H – 3.7 sec
Torque available – 570 N-m at 3,800 rpm
Top Speed – 335 km/h (208 mph)
Engine – 6.0 L AMG V12
Weight – 1,230 kg


This amazing spotrcar has carbon-fibre body and 4 stroke exhaust system .The car’s light weight combined Mercedes-AMG V12 engine provides a extreme comfort driving experience. This vehicle stands out thanks to its aggressive design and mesmeric beauty. Zonda C12 is a little bit small from the outside compared to the other sports cars but is very comfortable on the inside. The internal design is old fashion and modern in same time.


Driving this car may look complicated but is actually very easy. This is a very fast car with excellent braking system. C12 is capable of reaching a full stop from driving speed of 125 miles within 4.3 seconds. This is possible thanks to Pirelli tires which produced especially for this model and carbon brakes. Zonda C12 is not expensive in terms of supercar, and costs only 410,000$. For comparison, the new model of Pagan, Zonda R Evoluzione costs 2,500,000 $. So if you have a few extra dollars I would highly recommend you buy this car.



Zonda C12 is absolutely brilliant race car but useless for urban driving. This is basically the only downside of this car.Unlike the other luxury brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini and Bugatti which were established many years ago and won an incredible reputation, Pagani is a relatively young brand. This brand actually, in my opinion, would be a dream car for many motor sport enthusiasts for years to come.

C12 is the first model of the manufacturer. Over the years, Pagani’s engineers developed some unique models such as:

Zonda S 7.3
Zonda Roadster F
Zonda Tricolore
Zonda R Evoluzione
Zonda Revolución